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Download Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr. – Tesla Light Show

Click here to download the Tesla Light Show for free. Thanks to the author (Tesla Light Shows // HVPad)! Compatible with Tesla Model S, 3, X and Y:

Note: Your browser might complain that the file might be dangerous. You can ignore this message. The .zip file you download only contains a sound file (lightshow.mp3 or lightshow.wav) and a light sequence file (lightshow.fseq).


off, especially for you 🎁

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2 thoughts on “Download Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr. – Tesla Light Show

  1. I have a couple of scale models of the Ghostbusters Ambulance. I’ll record a video of this file for your channel. And feature the model cars too
    I have the blue Model S Plaid with S PLAID Minnesota plates. I answered a subscriber that requested the I’m Blue song be played from a blue Tesla. You cleaned up the horrible audio.

    1. Awesome! I remember you, this was yours wasn’t it?
      Feel free to submit another video here:

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